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  1. All Passport after generating online booking in our system must be submitted to PAUS Office with relevant details and documents.
  2. Visa and Transportation charges are included in the above packages.
  3. Same Visa rates shall be Charged for child.
  4. Accommodation charges:
    1. (Below 5 Years Child – Only Visa Charged)
    2. (Above 5 Years Child – Full Package shall be charged in sharing).
  5. PAUS Group has right to stop feeding on doubtful cases. In doubtful cases, approval charges shall be charged on MOFA received.
  6. In case of visa stamped, passport shall be kept in safe custody till expiry of visa.
  7. There will no additional charges in case of private transport booking obtained from PAUS Group.
  8. In case of cancellation  by the passenger or rejection from the embassy after approval, MOFA shall be charged.
  9. Processing time of visa is about two weeks, excluding delay due to an emergency, any force majeure, closure of Saudi embassy  or Quota limitations.
  10. PAUS Group does not take any responsibility for any kind of loss occurred due to the purchase, reissue or cancellations of tickets etc.
  11. Claim of refund, if any, may please be presented with 15 days of the returns of Meta meres.
  12. No claim shall be entertained after the said period.
  13. A lot of passport missing  cases reported due to removal of IATA stickers from the passport which caused heavy loss in last season, Therefore from now onlf Agent  or Pax remove the IATA sticker from passport SR 500/- penalty will be charged.
  14. In case of over stay SR 25000/- penalty will be imposed, that needs to be immediately submitted within 3 days.
  15. All above rates are in Saudi Riyals and subject to change without prior notice.
  16. Exchange rate shall be applied for the date of realization / clearance / transfer of the payment to PAUS accounts as float on daily bases.
  17. Clients have an option of sending payments directly to KSA or submit locally on the basis of daily exchange rate shared.
  18. PAUS Team will always be prepared any time to satisfy the clients for any query.